Conditions of purchase


The present general conditions of sale regulate all the relations between:


and its Internet customers ("The Customer").

Before carrying out any transaction, the customer acknowledges that he/she is aware of and accepts these conditions as soon as he/she clicks on the "I accept" button.


1/ Special conditions of sale

The customer acknowledges being aware, at the time of placing the order, of the particular conditions of sale indicated on the screen (name, price components, weight, quantity, color, product details, cost of services, etc.) and expressly declares to accept them without reservation. The placing of the order and its confirmation by the customer materialize the full and complete acceptance of the particular conditions of sale, only applicable to the order.


2/ Ordering

The customer places the order by clicking on the "add to cart" tab. The order is added to a total that includes all the items confirmed by the customer by clicking on the "I accept the general terms and conditions of sale and make payment" button in the menu bar.

JOAQUÍN ESPALIÚ SILVER JEWELRY's automatic registration systems serve as proof of the nature, content and date of the order. The customer must print out and send to JOAQUÍN ESPALIÚ SILVER JEWELRY the duly signed purchase order form for orders over 500 euros (cost of goods, including VAT) that appears on the screen and send it to JOAQUÍN ESPALIÚ SILVER JEWELRY. The customer must also attach these general conditions of sale on paper duly signed. Otherwise, orders above this amount will not be taken into account and will not be legally valid.


3/ Confirmation of the order

JOAQUÍN ESPALIÚ SILVER JEWELRY confirms acceptance of the order to the customer by the means of his choice: e-mail, fax or post. The sale will not be finalized until JOAQUÍN ESPALIÚ SILVER JEWELRY confirms the order.

JOAQUÍN ESPALIÚ SILVER JEWELRY reserves the right not to confirm an order for a specific reason such as product supply, a problem relating to the order received (e.g. an illegible document), an abnormal order or a foreseeable problem relating to delivery. JOAQUÍN ESPALIÚ SILVER JEWELRY will inform the customer.

No new orders may be placed until the customer has paid the sums due for previous orders. Likewise, ownership of the goods will not be fully transferred until JOAQUÍN ESPALIÚ SILVER JEWELRY has received the sums due from the customer.


4/ Conditions of delivery of orders

The customer chooses the place and date of receipt of the goods when placing the order. JOAQUÍN ESPALIÚ SILVER JEWELRY reserves the right to use all means necessary to deliver the products to the address indicated by the customer. Deliveries will be made within Spain (including the Balearic and Canary Islands) and abroad. Deliveries abroad and to the Canary Islands: By accepting the general conditions, the customer agrees to pay the customs charges.


5/ Delivery times

Deliveries will be made, provided that the purchased item is available in stock, within a maximum period of 8 working days. If an item is not in stock at the time of ordering, we will inform you and confirm the date on which it will be available again or propose an equivalent substitute product. Delivery is at the recipient's expense.

6/ Delivery costs and receipt of orders

Delivery costs amount to 8.90 euros (VAT included) for baskets of less than 50 euros (VAT included) (excluding delivery costs). For all baskets above or equal to 50 euros (VAT included) (excluding delivery charges), delivery charges will be indicated.

When placing an order, the customer undertakes to sign the receipt form presented by the person making the delivery, on which he/she may include any remarks he/she deems necessary. By signing the receipt form, the customer acknowledges having received the number of packages indicated on it. If the customer notices damaged products or missing products, he/she must make a complaint to the Customer Relations Service by e-mail or by post to JOAQUÍN ESPALIÚ SILVER JEWELRY, within a maximum period of three days.

Any event such as, for example, force majeure, accident, strike, administrative decision or transport strike that delays, prevents or renders the supply exorbitant, constitutes, by express agreement, a clause of suspension or termination of the obligations of JOAQUÍN ESPALIÚ SILVER JEWELRY, without compensation for the benefit of the customer if the event takes place for more than 15 days. In these circumstances, the customer will be exempted, completely and automatically, from its obligations concerning its order.

JOAQUÍN ESPALIÚ SILVER JEWELRY will inform the customer by any appropriate means and on the same day that such an event occurs so that the customer can freely cancel his orders by replying by post or e-mail once the event has been notified.

When the delivery of the goods to the customer cannot be carried out due to the latter, the company JOAQUÍN ESPALIÚ SILVER JEWELRY reserves the right to charge the customer a preparation fee of 15 euros (VAT included).


7/ Delivery company

Deliveries will be made by registered mail or by courier during normal business hours. Please select the delivery address so that someone can receive the package.


8/ Price

All prices are indicated in Euros and include VAT. The price invoiced to the customer is the price indicated in the order confirmation sent by JOAQUÍN ESPALIÚ SILVER JEWELRY. Payment for products and services is made by credit card in a secure environment on our supplier's server. The customer's credit card will be charged in euros 2 days after the order is accepted by JOAQUÍN ESPALIÚ SILVER JEWELRY. JOAQUÍN ESPALIÚ SILVER JEWELRY retains ownership of the products until the customer pays the price of the products and services in full.

9/ Product specifications

The photographs showing the products are provided for information purposes only. The texts accompanying these photographs are reproductions of information appearing on the packaging or in the instructions for use. The differences between the photographs and the products can only be minimal and do not affect the essential characteristics of the products. The color of the products shown in the online store may differ from the actual color of the product.

10/ Terms of payment

The ordered products will be delivered after payment by credit card (Master Card, Visa Card, American Express).

11/ Security of private information

JOAQUÍN ESPALIÚ SILVER JEWELRY is obliged to protect your private information. The personal data collected during your connection to our commercial site will only be used to process your order. We will not sell, lease or disclose your personal data to any person (or third party).


12/ Information requested

By placing orders through the site, you consent to the use by JOAQUÍN ESPALIÚ SILVER JEWELRY of nominative data concerning you, communicated by you or collected through the operation of the site. These data (names, e-mail address, postal address, credit card number with expiration date, etc...) are necessary for us to process your orders.


13/ Security of personal data

The sending of orders (containing your account information) is done through a secure server. The security software (SSL) encrypts all information you type before it is sent to us. Also, message transmissions are protected against unauthorized access by third parties.


14/ Warranty

The customer will benefit from the legal guarantee of hidden defects in the products sold. All our products are designed and manufactured with the greatest possible care. However, the warranty will not be valid if faults or damage occur due to improper handling, lack of maintenance or care contrary to our instructions for use. The purchaser should refer to the instructions and appropriate recommendations contained in the instructions for use supplied with the product.


15/ Right to return the goods and withdrawal period

The customer has a withdrawal period of seven days from receipt of the goods to return, at his expense, the products* to JOAQUÍN ESPALIÚ SILVER JEWELRY in order to exchange them or obtain a refund, to the following address:


Ronda de Isasa nº 12, local 2, C.P. 14003

Córdoba, Spain

If the company JOAQUÍN ESPALIÚ SILVER JEWELRY does not respect its obligation to confirm the order, the withdrawal period will be three months, counting from the day on which the customer receives the articles. If, during this three-month period, confirmation is provided by e-mail and the consumer acknowledges receipt of the confirmation, the deadline will be seven working days from the date of receipt of the confirmation. In the event that the right of withdrawal is exercised, JOAQUÍN ESPALIÚ SILVER JEWELRY must reimburse the sums paid to the customer, free of charge. The reimbursement must be made within a maximum period of 30 days.

* In its complete original packaging (accessories, instructions, etc.) in good condition and accompanied by a copy of the invoice.


16/ Intellectual property

When connecting to the Internet site created by JOAQUÍN ESPALIÚ SILVER JEWELRY®, holder of all intellectual property rights, the customer may not copy or download all or part of its content without prior express authorization from JOAQUÍN ESPALIÚ SILVER JEWELRY®.


17/ How to contact us

If you have any questions about JOAQUÍN ESPALIÚ SILVER JEWELRY® products, such as how to perform maintenance or any questions about your order:

- send us an e-mail to